Darth Vader

Lord of the Sith


After Emperor Palpatine’s ascension to the throne, the mysterious masked figure Darth Vader appeared as his right-hand man. Of unknown race or origin, “Lord” Vader quickly made both his fanatical devotion to the Emperor and his incredible mastery of the Force very apparent, with the slaughter of hundreds of Wookies on the planet Kasshyyk in pursuit of one lone Jedi master who escaped the Jedi purge. The Emperor has given Lord Vader carte blanche to pursue the renegade Jedi across the galaxy, and he has ruthlessly pursued that goal with little regard for either local laws or the innocent lives in his path.

After nearly two decades of loyal service to the Emperor, Darth Vader engineered his rise to the throne with the aid of a group of powerful Sith. Upon Palpatine’s death, he revealed the Death Star in the Coruscant system and declared himself Palpatine’s heir. With the Death Star under his control, it seems few Sith Lords are willing to challenge him for that role.

Darth Vader

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