Angellique Enfurien

Jedi Watchman


Born 33 BBY (14 years old at campaign start)

Pale Skin
Short Dark Hair
Blue Eyes
168 cm tall (5 foot 6 inches)
55 kg (120 pounds)

She is of slight-to-average build and exudes a natural grace. Her straight hair is cut short, rarely reaching her shoulders, in a ‘bob’ style and parted to one side. Her blue eyes can seem as if they pierce one’s very soul. She dresses simply, as per the Jedi tradition, in grey robes with black leather boots and belt. Her lightsaber is the classic blue of a Jedi Guardian. Although naturally ambidextrous, she writes and wields her lightsaber left-handed.


An only child born of two career Corellian Security officers, each of whom had a long history of various family members serving CorSec. Her father, Ren Enfurien, was killed raiding a weapon smuggler’s hideout before she was 2 years old, and Angellique has almost no memory of him, “only feelings, really.” Her mother, Cerine (Se-REEN) Holt, continued to work for CorSec until Angellique was taken by the Jedi at the age of 4, after which no contact or information was allowed between them.

Angellique was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as was typical of the time. Always a small girl, she was never as strong or physically capable as those children of similar age, size, and species. While this did not necessarily hinder her training as a Jedi, this perceived deficiency had a significant impact on her self-image, especially when surrounded by physically superior peers. Her Jedi teachers, aware of the internal conflict, did their best to encourage her and teach her to let go those feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, but the distress persists throughout her training as a Padawan.

As she grew older, Angellique was given additional non-Force training beyond those of other Padawans by several Masters. She felt a certain resentment and isolation for having to do such mundane training when compared to her peers. Although she did not understand it at the time, it was this particular skill set that would shape her future as a Jedi, and act as guide and cornerstone for her throughout the Dark Times to come.

Angellique Enfurien

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