Belen Sanura

Redeemed Jedi


Belen Sanura doesn’t like talking about her past. She trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with Sev Lavraak, and the two developed a close connection. Perhaps too close for the Jedi Council, who separated the two when their devotion to each other became apparent. Sev went off to study as a Jedi Sentinel, and Belen was taken for further evaluation as the Council felt she was not mentally stable enough to withstand the stress of full Jedi training. Separated from Sev, she became more and more despondent and unstable. In time she decided that the Council had betrayed her, and when she found that Sev had been taken on as a padawan, she felt betrayed by him as well. Sensing she had given in to her anger, the Council formally refused her training and assigned her to Support Corp work under close supervision. In time, her anger and paranoia overwhelmed her and she attacked innocent beings in a fit of unprovoked rage. She was initially given over to the local authorities who deemed she was far too dangerous to be kept in a regular prison, and requested that the Jedi incarcerate her themselves. Before she could be transferred to The Prism, Order 66 was given and she managed to escape into the galaxy at large, where she eventually met Vel Dran.

She will not discuss where she was during the Clone Wars, only that Order 66 gave her an opportunity to become what she had always wanted. She considered herself a student of Vel’s, although Vel did not take her on as his padawan learner.

Working with Vel to uncover the long lost Shadow Arsenal, she met with Sev again and her original feelings for him returned. However, her already unstable emotional state was taxed further by the fact that Vel felt that Sev and his companions were lying to them and could not be trusted. Constantly torn back and forth by her commitment to Vel and her feelings for Sev, she finally lost all control during a meeting in Yam Kendet’s cantina, driving a permanent wedge between her and Sev and his companions, and contributing to the dissolution of Yam’s support for Vel’s group. She left the cantina with Vel, and was not seen for some time.

Eventually, a group of Imperial Inquisitors came looking for the three of them in the undercity of Nar Shaddaa. After a brutal battle, the three were defeated and their unconscious forms drug off by agents of the Inquisition. Belen was tortured and tormented by the Inquisition and later the Sith, who reprogrammed her and sent her out into the galaxy to spread chaos and death.

In time, Sev began to try and track her down again. He learned that he and Belen share a powerful Force Bond, and with advice from his allies he began to try and influence her through the bond, and pull her back to the Light Side. Sev’s influence, that of the Sith, plus the damage from her own madness resulted in her formulating a plan that would let her and Sev escape both the Jedi and the Sith, and destroy all evidence of their existence. Thanks to Sev, her terrible plan was thwarted and she was subdued. Sev brought her unconscious form back to Baltimn in the desperate hope that she could be saved, and possibly even cured.

In time, through the efforts of the Jedi Healers on Baltimn and the amazing powers of the Carosites, Belen has recovered from her madness and turned back toward the Light side. Her time spent with Sev in recovery has brought her back to a stable sanity, although she is still haunted by the terrible acts she has committed in the past. Despite these acts, or perhaps because of them, she is committed to doing as much good in the galaxy as she can, and helping as many beings as she is able. She has also sworn that she will never again draw her lightsaber in combat, unless there is no other choice left to her for defending those she loves. She has chosen to focus her studies on helping her life-mate in his goal of tracking down and defeating the Sith, wherever they may hide.

Belen Sanura

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