Cross/Reeve Orion

Former Clone Trooper turned Mandalorian Commando


Commander Cross is a long-time veteran of the Clone Wars and an established leader and soldier. He has served in dozens of theatres of war across the galaxy, and even in a special unit attached to a group of Jedi. He acquired his nickname after demonstrating his expertise with his dual blasters, earning him the title “The One-Man Crossfire”. After four years of unswervingly loyal service to the Republic, Cross was put in command of a company of Clone Troops deployed to Sriluur under the direction of Jedi Master Orawan Khuamdong. Upon recieving Order 66 from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Cross immediately and ruthlessly attacked Master Orawan and killed him. He was unable to locate the remaining padawans, and he and his unit continued to search the major cities of Sriluur for them. Finally, a Hutt gangster turned the bodies of the missing Jedi over to the Imperial Inquisition, and Commander Cross and his unit were re-deployed to another posting.

In the years following the Clone Wars, Cross and his company were moved from one duty station to another. Each time they moved, they were re-integrated into another unit, each seemingly less competent than the last. The Empire’s move from using cloned troopers to recruiting changed the perception of the existing clones, and they found each new unit less welcoming than the last. This combined with the Cross’ doubts that the Empire’s New Order was as benevolent as it claimed led him to finally desert his posting and make his way to Mandalore, as many of his brothers had. On Mandalore he found a new purpose and a hearty welcome as a member of the Mandalorian Protectors, and he has embraced his new lifestyle with gusto and has taken the name Reeve Orion.

Cross/Reeve Orion

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