Daran Jorel

Local Doctor in Breaksprings


Daren Jorel is local doctor for the town of Breaksprings. A generally optimistic person, his spirit has been downtrodden by the oppression of Naalol and the fate of any beings who dare resist Ravened Draykon‘s rule. He would like to help, but he simply cannot see a way to do so without being mercilessly cut down, or worse, endangering innocent lives. Despite this, he has taken up with the surviving residents of Breaksprings and headed to the abandoned mines in the hills to try and avoid Ravened’s wrath after a group of heroes stood up to his enforcers.

After Ravened’s defeat, Daran returned to Breaksprings and reopened his medical practice. He is a much happier man, and word has it he is even courting one of the ladies in town and talking marriage.

Daran Jorel

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