Darth Fides

Sith Lord of Ord Vaxal


Darth Fides is a Sith Lord that is battling Darth Marduk for control of the world of Ord Vaxal in the Inner Rim. According to sources, she was born Kiandra Yar and served as a soldier for the Hutts for many years before returning home to Ord Vaxal.

Upon her return to Ord Vaxal, Darth Fides found that her people were little more than slaves under Darth Marduk’s rule. Seeking a way to free them, the stumbled across the Sith holocron and began to learn what it would teach her. She began to use that power to lead her people to rebel against Marduk, and to try and retake the planet from him. Despite her great strength in the Dark side, she does not seem to have fallen under it’s sway as so many do. She regards her power as a burden, one she will set down once Marduk is overthrown and her people free. She does not intend to let the Jedi rule her world either – she sees it as her duty to keep the beings of Ord Vaxal safe from outsiders, and she will do whatever she must to protect it. The Jedi did convince her to surrender the holocron, however, which they then destroyed.

Darth Fides

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