Darth Hadros

Sith Unarmed Master


Darth Hadros is a Sith Lord who controls the world of Ord Cestus in the Outer Rim. He has mastered a little-known Dark Side art that allows him to channel the Force directly through his body, allowing him to enhance and empower his physical form beyond the normal limits. His power is great enough that he eschews any weapons, armor, and indeed most clothing, preferring to enter battle with only a simple robe or uniform. His choice of attire allows those who face him to see the many scars from the countless duels and battles he has fought, including a large red scar in the center of his chest.

Lord Hadros has conquered the D’Aston sector and claimed it for his own, and is building an army on his fortress world. He also holds dueling tournaments on neighboring worlds in an attempt to attract the strongest physical specimens he can, especially those with Force sensitivity. He accepts into his service any who wish to try and prove their worth, although the penalty for failing him is severe. Rather than death, Hadros prefers to cripple or maim those who fail him, setting an example for any who attempt to follow. These cripples are then banished to the inhospitable surface of Ord Cestus, and most quickly fall prey to the dangerous creatures and harsh conditions. A few are kept in his fortress as slaves or practice dummies for the more worthy warriors.

He has moved his base of operations for the occupation of the sector to Harko Station, and has placed his lieutenant Arden Lyn in charge of the station.

Darth Hadros

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