At Campaign Start:
15 year old Trianii Female
1.68m tall, 42 kg, slender build
Long violet and grey hair with black stripes, violet and grey fur with black stripes
Fuschia eyes
Violet tail with black stripes


Kiinamyyra’s family had always known she was quite the special child, always understanding the emotions of those around her better than anyone. By the time she was four years old, she knew the Gods were speaking to her through visions of far away people and places. Her family elders quickly became aware that she had a gift, and planned to have her enter the clergy when she came of age. This connection to the Gods was due to her strong affinity with the Force, but with no Jedi among the Trianii, there was no one to take notice of this.

As the Trianii people have avoided the Core Systems for generations, her family traveled together via prospecting vessel, keeping to the Outer Rim, locating resources to sell back to their people. It was on one of these runs away from Trian that her family was set upon by slavers. Kiinamyyra’s family was split up, the elders and other adults taken on one vessel, and the children another. Once the slavers were closer to the Core Systems, it wasn’t very long before the Trianii child attuned to the Force was noticed by the Jedi.

Master Toma Xavii, an accomplished Jedi, found the young Trianii girl and “liberated” her from her captors. He brought her back to the Jedi Temple, and took her on as his Padawan. Always wanting to help those less fortunate than herself, Kiinamyyra decided that she would focus on using the gifts the Gods had given her to heal and protect others.


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