Kote Ij'Sissu


Kote Ij’Sissu doesn’t remember his family as he was taken to the Jedi Academy at a young age when preliminary tests showed he had strong potential in the force. Kote was succesful in the physical, mental and emotional training of the Jedi; but, much to the bewilderment of his Jedi Masters, he never grew in the Force to the extent that they thought he would achieve. Kote never placed as much importance on strength in the Force as his masters did. He trusts that should the need arise the Force will provide.

Kote passed the age that those with more mastery of the Force go on the path to become Jedi Knights and was eventually placed in the Agricultural Corps. He enjoyed the physicality of this work immenseley. He also derived satisfaction from not only helping people to better their lot by growing and raising foodstuffs, but he found he had a talent as a healer and mediator.

Kote doesn’t dwell on the past and makes few plans for the future as he trusts the Force to guide him. He is willing to go with the flow and advise others in most instances.

Kote Ij'Sissu

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