Lorik Qui'in


I never knew my parents and I don’t know where I was born. I always considered Coruscant and the Temple my home. I know I was identified and taken to the temple before I could walk. I was trained in the Jedi arts my whole life and through the will of the Force was trained by some of the greatest Jedi Masters of my time. I say this without pride; it is simply fact. The Force also saw to give me the power of Battle Meditation, a rare and powerful ability that Jedi Master Odan-Urr used to turn the tide of large scale battles. Shortly after this I was identified to become a Padawan under Jedi Master Aayla Secura. She was my master for many years. Under her and other Masters at the temple I learned The Code, what it meant to be Jedi, and how to be a conduit for the force.

For years Master Aayla and I went on many missions together. It was through these that I got to see the world outside of Coruscant; that I got to learn of the people of the galaxy, and how I learned to serve them as a Jedi.

Eventually, the clone wars began and Master Aayla and I were called to action. We fought in many battles together, she with her lightsaber flashing about the battlefield, me using the power of Battle Meditation to help guide her and the clone troopers and sway each battle in our favor. It was in one such battle on the planet of Felucia when my Master was felled by the very soldiers she fought alongside. I don’t know what happened exactly, but I felt a disturbance in the force and clones turned on her. They were too many for her to fight against and she became one with the Force. I was able to escape due to the fact that Master Aayla rarely let me near the actual battle itself. I was in a secure location under the guard of two clone troopers. I turned my Battle Meditation powers upon them just as they received the order to destroy me and they instead destroyed each other. I left as quickly as I could and was able to secure passage on a vessel off world by Affecting the Mind of the pilot.

After much time and travel, the Force guided me to the planet Baltimn. There I met Ephaan Kenzon, a man who is more than he lets on. He agreed to let me stay with him at his dueling academy. I lived there for months receiving daily visions of a group of Jedi. The Force has made it clear that I am to join them, and when they arrived, I did so.

Lorik Qui'in

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