Maris Brood

Jedi Guardian


Maris Brood was the Jedi Padawan of Master Shaak Ti, but seemed to have fallen to the Dark Side thanks to the corruption of Felucia. An expert in the art of Force Stealth, she has the rare ability to completely hide her physical form as well, becoming invisible to normal sight. She managed to elude her Master while on Felucia, and stowed away with a group of Jedi who managed to cleanse the planet of it’s taint. After following them invisibly for some time, she finally revealed herself to Lorik Qui’in, and agreed to be his padawan learner.

Maris is headstrong and stubborn, but she also has a great deal of fear. She wants to take action to right the wrongs committed by the Empire, but feels overwhelmed by the tremendous might of the Sith. It remains to be seen if Master Qui’in can teach her calm, focus, and the confidence to be successful in battle.

Maris Brood

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