Cath Tomlinson

Sherrif of Breaksprings


Cath Tomlinson took a job as Chief Enforcer in Breaksprings for Ravened Draykon because he figured it would be a way of protecting his family from the consequences of resisting Ravened’s rule. He discovered the hard way that it was not, when his family was rounded up as part of retaliation for an uprising that might or might not have been based in Breaksprings. He continued working for Draykon because he was afraid of what would happen if he stopped.

When a group of heros came to Breaksprings and started fighting back, Cath decided to abandon his post and join them, and take up arms with the resistance. Fighting bravely and relentlessly with the resistance, Cath was instrumental in the take-down of Ravened and his lieutenant Bane Tsark. After the fighting was over, Cath returned to Breaksprings and has since accepted the post of town sheriff.

Cath Tomlinson

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