The Republic has fallen, and the Galactic Empire has risen to take it’s place. The Jedi are all but wiped out, their fire gone from the universe…but they have not vanished yet. A handful of surviving Jedi, in hiding and on the run, have managed to survive in a galaxy turned hostile. The Jedi have faded, their power drastically diminished, but their courage has never been stronger. They have vowed to keep to the Light, and to protect those without the power to protect themselves from the predations of the Sith.

Now, the time is ripe to strike back at their old foes as they spread like a cancer across the galaxy. The beings of the galaxy are ready to stand, to fight…but someone must lead them. Someone must take up the mantle of peace and justice, someone must stand at the forefront of the burgeoning Rebellion, someone must bring courage and a new hope to the downtrodden….even if it means being declared an Enemy of the Republic.

GM Commentary:
Check out the Dark Side game as well – two games running concurrently in the same universe!

Star Wars: Enemy of the Republic - Light Side

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