Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine

Emperor of the Galaxy


Emperor Palpatine engineered his rise to power through guile, subterfuge and the Dark Side of the Force, implementing a decades-long plan to gain control over the entire galaxy and take revenge against the Jedi Order. His plan came to fruition with the end of the Clone Wars, and the execution of Order 66.

Since that time, things have not gone as he had planned. The jedi, though terribly weakened and divided, have survived the attack and are rebounding. Even worse, his meditations on the Force revealed that his apprentice, Darth Vader, was planning to usurp his throne and seize power himself. Thus, the Emperor put into action another plan that would take years to grow to fruition. He began by creating a new Sith Order, and training existing Force-users who were willing to convert to the Dark Side. Even the Inquisition was put to work recruiting prospective Force-senstiives to the cause, and those that were deemed worthy enough were promoted into the Sith Order.

Secondly, the Emperor created a The Council of Sith Lords, ostensibly to oversee and control the activities of the growing number of Sith. This proved difficult, given the nature of Sith to act in their own self-interest. Indeed, this was in contradiction to The Tenets of the Sith, also laid down by Palpatine. The Council grew powerful, but ultimately found it impossible to truly exert any influence over the activities of the Order, and ultimately became a distraction for the more powerful Sith to plot against each other and jockey for power.

All this was precisely as Palpatine planned, of course. The real goal was to set the Sith against each other, and let the strongest come out on top. He knew that the most powerful Sith would attract Vader’s attention, and he would use them in his own plot to usurp the throne, which was exactly what happened.

Palpatine spent the intervening years mastering ever greater forms of Sith Magic, and creating clones of himself. He even mastered the art of transferring his essence into multiple bodies, each with the power and drive of his own immortal spirit. Seeing that things were not progressing quickly enough, Palpatine started arming and empowering Vader’s allies, granting them access to secret caches of lost Rakatan technology and emboldening their drive for conquest.

Finally, the time for the confrontation arrived, and Palpatine awaited the Sith in his fortress on Byss in the deep core. They defeated one of his many clones, and Vader declared himself Emperor, precisely as planned. He had planned this as well, and he was certain that Vader’s Sith allies would then turn on him, using the power he had given them, and eliminate Vader. What was not expected was that Vader would die mere days later, with the destruction of the Death Star, the tool the Emperor intended to use to maintain control after the Order was gone.

Despite this, Palpatine continued with his plan, and began to systematically eliminate the remaining members of the Sith Order, intending to announce his survival to a shocked and relieved galaxy, who would be glad to finally be rid of the terror of the Sith. Given that his magics would now allow him eternal life, he would rule the galaxy forever uncontested as the sole remaining Sith. However, in another unforeseen circumstance, those powerful Sith that allied themselves with Vader managed to defeat his bodies, and trap his immortal undying soul in a Soul Gem found in one of Darth Andeddu’s deeper tombs, preventing him from inhabiting another body ever again.

Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine

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