Kai Hudorra

Bothan Jedi Master


Jedi Master Kai Hudorra was a general during the Clone Wars, but managed to escape death at the hands of the squad he commanded. After returning to Coruscant and watching a lone Jedi be cut down on the steps of the Jedi Temple, he decided that the time of the Jedi had ended, and abandoned his padawan learner on the ecumenopolis. He wandered the galaxy for some time making a living as a gambler, until he felt himself led to the world of Baltimn. Arriving there, he discovered the School of Hidden Wisdom and took temporary refuge there. He felt the Jedi were foolish for attempting to resist the Empire, and tried to “talk sense” into any young Jedi who make noises about attempting a revolution.

Despite this attitude, he trained any Jedi who asked for instruction, and was highly regarded as an instructor. After the school disbanded, he returned to his gambling ways until he was unexpectedly caught and killed by Darth Vader on Kestavel.

Kai Hudorra

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