Bodmas Op'rand


Bodmas Op’rand is a Jedi and a former General in the Clone Wars. Before the war, he found a young Gerard living on the streets of an Outer Rim world, and took him to be trained at the Jedi temple. He saw little of Gerard after that, but kept the occasional tab on him. When the war began, his responsibilities took him elsewhere and he was no longer able to keep track of the boy.

After surviving Order 66, he wandered the galaxy looking to gain allies and try to strike back at the Empire. He had little success, but he finally journeyed to Dantooine and fell in with Garm Bel Iblis’ troops.

Though Gerard never learned the name of the man who rescued him, he has not forgotten him. Since the end of the war, Gerard has continued to receive visions of Bodmas through the Force, and he believes that the General can perceive him as well.

Bodmas Op'rand

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