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  • Gorb Drig

    Gorb Drig owns a bar in [[Dnalvec | Dnalvec]], and fancies himself a mob boss of sorts. He has a few thugs working for him and a string of small-time crimes under his belt, which have garnered the attention of the Hutts. Whether this attention is good or …

  • Egome Fass

    Egome Fass is an enforcer and thug on the planet [[Sriluur | Sriluur]]. He has a reputation as a violent brute, on a planet of violent brutes, which is quite an achievement. He is also [[:gorb-drig | Gorb Drig's]] cousin, although the two aren't very …

  • Rutt

    Rutt works for [[:gorb-drig | Gorb Drig]] as a sort of flunkie. Rutt is quite happy to do anything Gorb wants done, unless it requires some kind of spinal fortitude. At heart, Rutt is a coward who would rather have an easy life than a successful one.

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