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  • Tas Kee

    Tas Kee is an enforcer for the Hutts on [[Sriluur | Sriluur]]. She has a pair of allies, [[:gar-ul | Gar-Ul]] and [[:guta-nay | Guta-Nay]] who bring her information on local happennings in [[Dnalvec | Dnalvec]], which she then passes to the Hutts. If they …

  • Gar-Ul

    Gar-Ul and his brother [[:guta-nay | Guta-Nay]] are criminal thugs in the city of [[Dnalvec | Dnalvec]] on [[Sriluur | Sriluur]]. It is said about Gar-Ul that he has more muscle than brains, though never to his face.

  • Guta-Nay

    Guta-Nay is a known criminal, rapist, and murderer. He and his brother [[:gar-ul | Gar-Ul]] aspire to work as enforcers for the Hutts, but have thus far failed to prove themselves useful enough.

  • Tel Zainab

    Tel Zainab is a Weequay who leads a group of scavengers and fringers on the planet [[Raxus Prime]]. The group scrapes together a living by scavving useful bits and pieces from the near infinite amount of junk scattered across the planet.

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