Learning Mini-Game

This mechanic will be used for tracking the effects of research or learning within the game itself. This can reflect studying written materials that are found, examining ancient ruins or studying the remains of a creature to learn more about it.

The GM will set the prerequisites for attempting the task, such as a minimum attribute level, a minimum character or Force level, a minimum number of skill ranks in a particular skill, or similar requirement. The GM will also set a number of successes required to get the end result, and the amount of time required in-game for a character to roll to check for a success. In most cases, checks represent an amount of time spent between sessions studying the subject or item in question.

When the character decides to spend time studying, they will roll a d20. The result will be recorded on a separate sheet for future checks. If the number rolled on the die is the same as a previous roll, the character has earned a success. Therefore, the first attempt will always yield nothing. Each successive attempt gives a greater and greater chance of getting a success. The more numbers eliminated, the more likely the chance for success as the character learns more and more about the subject. Each success can also earn the character a story hint or bit of information, at the GM’s discretion.

Example: Your character wants to learn what is causing the plague on Dantooine. The GM determines that each check will represent a day’s worth of work in the lab, and that you need ten successes to figure it out. Your first roll yields nothing, as your character is just getting started. After rolling a 3, a 14, and a 10 (representing 3 days work in the lab), you roll again and get another 3 (on your fourth day working.) At last, a success! The GM tells you that you now know how the plague is being spread. The next day yields another 14, and another success, the GM tells you you’ve found a more efficient way to watch the virus at work on it’s victims. The next 4 days give you a 2, a 7, an 18 and a 20. No successes, but your odds for further successes are now much higher. When you finally achieve ten successes, you know all you need to know about the plague, and can either start curing it or start spreading it…

GM Notes:
This mechanic was stolen from Shamus Young of Twenty-Sided. It’s brilliant, so I can’t take any credit for it.

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Learning Mini-Game

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