The Calamity

The Calamity is a rickety old Allied Spacecraft Series 03-K64-Firefly multipurpose mid-bulk transport, held together by spit, baling wire and more than a little bit of hope. Owned and operated by Captain Brattigan, she pilots the Calamity wherever it will travel, hoping each time she doesn’t end up bouncing too close to a supernova or into an asteroid field. The ship has miraculously survived more than one encounter of this sort, and it shows it. Brattigan’s reputation is such that she’s barely able to afford to keep the ship running, much less pay for the repairs needed to keep it from flying apart. It’s all her astromech R5-D4 can do to keep the ship from collapsing in on itself.

After a recent crash landing, the Calamity was patched up and upgraded a bit to make her much more spaceworthy. A proper backup hyperdrive was installed, and light armor plating has been added to the hull. The computer system received a complete overhaul and is running much more smoothly, and the electrical system has been entirely replaced.

Current Specs:
Length 26.5 meters
Maximum speed (atmosphere): 990 km/h
Hyperdrive rating: Class 1.0
Backup hyperdrive rating: Class 15

Currently Equipped:
Shielding: Basic shields
Armor: Light durasteel plating
Navigation system: Equipped
Armament: None
Crew: 2
Minimum crew: 1
Passengers: 8
Cargo capacity: 10 metric tons
Consumables: 2 months

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The Calamity

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